Why Does an International Student Need a Custodian?

Custodians are not the same as guardians. "Guardian" is a legal term; guardians are substitute decision-makers for minors who are deemed to be incapable of making decisions that are fundamental to their well-being. The inference is that legal guardians have a more formal legal relationship with children in their care than custodians.

A Fully Comprehensive SASS Custodianship Service Includes:

  1. 24-hour Emergency student contact
  2. Notarized Custodianship form by Public Notary provided
  3. Contacting and meeting the student each semester
  4. Conscientious monitoring and coordination of student’s movements (weekend trips, outings with friends, tracking information sheet attached as a report)
  5. Personal mentoring

In order to receive a SASS custodianship letter and service, student's parents must follow the steps:

  1. Fill out and sign Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) Custodian Declaration - Custodian form (Please download and save the form on your computer and then open it with Adobe);
  2. Fill out and sign Student Academic Success Strategies Custodianship Program in Canada form;
  3. Read and initial each page of the Statement of Terms and Conditions Custodianship Program in Canada;
  4. Provide a copy of the passport picture page;
  5. Provide a copy of Acceptance Letter from the school;
  6. Scan and email all the mentioned documents above to [email protected]